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Jan 24 12 11:37 AM

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Just in case you guys haven't seen, these are some 1970 dated manual scans, shame the equipment they talk about is all M67 which we don't use, but otherwise is quite helpful with the practices of making a poncho sleeping bag etc. Also, the second link is all about setting up your lightweight ruck


TM 10-276 Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment, August, 1970

TC10-8 The Lightweight Rucksack with Riveted Frame, FEB, 1967

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Jan 24 12 2:36 PM

Having nothing to do with Viet Nam war but possibly of use to you guys in the winter - if you wrap your regular sleeping bag in a poncho you wont believe how much warmer you will be for sleeping

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Jan 25 12 7:21 AM

Field Testing
Before i got my pup tent,to start with i only had one half of one(the other half rotted!), intitally,when i went to the stanby event last year,as i did not have a "period" tent ,nor poncho either at that time, so i "improvised ,adapted and overcame!" and made a lean too with it and then made a  fire in front of it  so it captured the heat ,i slept on the "rubber bitch" in a period  M49 sleeping bag (complete with water resistant cover).and also pulled a mosquito helmet net over my head/face as the place was alive with bitting nats and other insects,then doused my face with Bug juice and settled down for the night!
Just as well i had the cover on it as the heavens opened with torential rain lasting for hours !,the one half of the pup was a little holed and had a few tears,but it was better than nothing,and leaked like a sive and despite lying in a pool of water all night(of which i was blissfully unaware!) i was nice and dry by the dawn ,thus i was delighted to find this 43 year old item still  functioned well !
But Sadly i had left all my uniform & kit out all night!!! which was by then throughly soaked !,and again fortunatly i had a spare uniform in one of the waterproof liners in my Tropical rucksack along socks etc,with my boots kept under my helmet (PHEW!),a definate bonus!
i did see a couple of other guys trudging round in the forest in wet uniforms & soggy M56 webbing Yuk!,but on that day  i was wearing the M67 set up for that weekend,which despite the rain was better suited as it worked out alot more practicle !
definatly an intresting document devildog!


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