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Feb 7 12 4:03 AM

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As there are only 4 booked so far this year. I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestion for others for us as a group to attend?

Waltham Abbey is usually a good show they have a couple of multi period events per year (I tried to contact them last year but didn't have a contact)  

Any other ideas chaps?

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Feb 8 12 4:03 PM

I think the gunpowder Mills was ok that me Big G and Sunshine did last year but there is a ton of space, buildings and large amounts of land to do some patrolling in

Gary Owen!!!

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Feb 9 12 6:45 AM

Hi guys
I'm of the same school of thought as Bob that i'd rather do 4 & turn up mob handed than do quite a few & have dribs n drabs turn up if we do more. BUT i'm not adverse to those that say we should do more as at least we'll have a UKAirCav presence there. For recruiting & getting our name out there. So if you guys are willing to book & organise these shows i'm quite happy to post em, email em out to the group & let people kno their out there if they wanna go. Also don't forget we're looking to do an airsoft reenactment/airsoft battle in June.

The UKAirCav motto:- Always making the best of a bad situation since 2004

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