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Feb 23 12 6:07 AM

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I recall at beltring and recall seeing the rolling thunder guys with section 5 M16's weapons ( for the arena battle they do),also all the WW2 US/Allied & German reenactors i also assume have quite alot with live weopons(except for pistols) legally held mixed in with there groups deactivated ones/blank firing ones.
I''m sure the armours decalare what is there,but i'll bet there are also alot of LIVE weapons there but firing blanks,safty issues and legal ones asside as on on looker you would just assume they where all blank firiers, i was talking to a german reenactor asking what blanks he used,who told me it was a working bolt action weapon on a section 1 licence,which he takes to all the shows.
I was a little supprised,but then thinking about it no one checks,not that i have ever seen anyone do so either?,i did see a police officer patrolling once,but he was just there for other security,and enjoying the day i guess !,as long as they are responsible with it and use it in the confines of the arena,it may well be "an unwritten rule" the show authorities may well turn a blind eye too,as checking everybodies weapon would be a logistical nightmare entering and leaving shows....just an observation,and a question i was asked recently by a work collegue who assumed there where rigorious checks at events.
have you guys had any spot  display inspections on the jaegers in past seasons or seen this done?

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Feb 23 12 6:21 AM

WW2 groups can get away with the Section 5s cause there are a lot of Armourer's within groups that check everyone out, from what I've come to understand/be told.

I'm not sure what the Law is on owning and operating Section 5 Assault Rifles which would be the problem for us, as they are fully automatic weapons not semi or bolt action.
I'll have a look into it though, but we'd still need a s.5 Armourer to license everything out.

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Feb 23 12 7:11 AM

Yeah i am aware section 5 is an armour llicence for TV/movie/reenactments to lease semi & auto matic weapons with barrel restrictions in the muzzel for events ,we as enthiusists/reenactors we cannot legally own an automatic weapon or even a semi automatic high velocity weapon.  
As to become a section 5 armourere is by invetation selection ONLY,let alone the legitimate reason and the £1000's involved in purchasing weapons and the security to store the weapons too!
But what i mean is there are individuals around who are not leasing weapons from an armourer,but bring there own section 1 weapons along to shows.
We as a group could have them ( i had one for the weekend at spanby) if we where in the arena then we could also legitimatly hire them (costs aside of course!) for arena shows/battles.
when i hired one (M16) it was £75 for the weekend & £35 for 100rds and you can easily get through 100rds in a day!.
But as a group where display only,so don't need to anyway.

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Feb 23 12 8:50 AM

From my understanding (being a section 1 firearm cert holder myself) is that a section 1 firearm licence holder with, something like an M16 needs to keep it at a gun club. A friend of mine ownes a m16 and this has had to be converted to not fire on full auto. He is allowed to own the gun but only store and shoot it at his club. It seems the problems are not just with the gun but the live ammo. I had 2x K98 rifles BUT could not have live ammo in the house with them.
Just my understanding and not deffinative fact.

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Feb 23 12 1:09 PM

Danny is best suited to answer this one, i'm sure he will be along soon.

As far as i am aware you can pretty much get most live firing weapons on a limited firearms licence if they are to be used for reenacting. The limit on the licence means you cannot legally buy any live ammo. Blanks are readily available to anyone. I am also pretty sure that it must only be capable of semi auto as Sunshine said anything else would need to be on a full licence and kept as stated.

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