Mar 19 12 9:13 AM

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well guys here is  what was talked about in the meeting bear with me it might be a long one 

so the first thing that got sorted was the rankings and it goes like this 
Bob Cairns is now the groups major 
Joe Hobdell is captain 
Ray Reeves is Lt
Phil Hall is Master SGT
Pete Neal is Staff Sgt
Glen Carey is Sgt (acting for 1 year)
Steve Thomas is cpl
Ryan Bennett is cpl 
There will be  some sp4s going to be given out to but bob is sorting that out along with the squad list.
group rules
Firstly no one is to wear side arms unless its for your role IE officers, nco's and  60 gunners.
Weapons are to be with ya at all times while around camp, along with wearing your m1s while on duty.
There will be weapons checks at morning inspection, no blanks are bbs are battery's should not be on your person unless in the case of blanks its getting ready for a battle.
 Also on this note there will be No Test fireing are shows unless its been cleared by Big Pete our weapons handling instructor.
Drinking during the day is a huge NO NO and if ur found to be drinking at shows you will be asked to leave the show.
Grooming standards, US Army Grooming standards will apply (Nick tashe needs to not go past the corners of your top lip)
Morning parade is at 0900 so u all need to be up and ready before hand and all shit squared away.
Water bottles are to be filled at all times 
There will be no "Pony" ambushes on patrols i quoted bob on this lol it dont look right and sometimes is a safety risk when the shows are packed 
Respect for the chain of command during the day is a must, u wont be ordered to do something u will be asked, so listen to whats being said please.
When on duty please look busy no more poseing around, clean weapons, play cards, draw or wright letters home anything that makes u look busy.
Previous tour patches, ok  those  who have them on as of last year can wear them but from no one unless u have come from a nam group u will be asked to take them off.
Roles in the group if you have the kit to do a role then say so.
Borrowing of kit, ok this is a big one as of now if u lend/ borrow kit there will be a pad to put down what kit and the names of whos it is and who is borrowing it that way its easy to track who has kit thats borrowed if ya dont fill this out which will only take 1 min u can not then come up to thouse in charge and moan to them that it is lost, its ur kit and responceability the us army and the brittish army have this motto kit left a drift must be a gift, so please keep an eye out on whats left behind as me Big g and joe all moved kit last year from places it was left on its own to somewhere more secure, allso stuff left out in the rain needs to be moved to.
On to the mortar...... this is in the process of being sorted as i type this out we have the funds for it so we will be getting soon, u will be told more when we know more.
The group tent we need to source the poles for it hopefully we can find these soon.
We will be haveing a new group pic taken for the website and facebook along with new pics of ur faces for the forum and website.
Serial numbers for you dog tags will be sent out soon to for thouse who want to get them done the same goes for the group id cards if u want them done then ask for them.
Meetings, this is something that will be sorted out in the future there one for the officers and ncos to attend but there will be one for the group as a whole at the mo the group meetings might be held at shows in the evening or at build weekends but you will be informed of when they happen.
On to shows thems selfs, this is something i want to see happen and we are going to try it out, basicly there will be guided tours for the public to walk around camp to see life on a fire base everything will be busy and some of you who want to talk to the public can, it will be mainly stuff about ur kit, role in the squad, allso there will be patrols breifings happening and mission planing going on allso, this is still in the planing stage with me at the mo but once its sorted out i will be holding a breifnifn at one of the build weekends.
Bob will allso being incomeing drills at shows this will be 3 blasts on a whistle this means that everyone around camp on duty or not must man the defence positions 
Airsoft and training weekends, steve is in the prosess of sorting out a site for airsofting and training weekends
I think this is all of it, it was good to air out all this stuff and it needed to be done, it will be a more regular thing to so if anything comes to mind please inform your senior staff member or note it down for a whole group meeting and it will get sorted.
Thanks for reading this lol 
Best Regards 
LT Ray "cowboy" Reeves