Jul 23 12 9:48 AM

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Hey Guys,

I've been reading the thread that Paul O'Rourke started on the UKAC Facebook page analysing the participation of UKAC at the War & Peace Show this past week.  I think it's good to constructively criticize your own performances and it provides input that each member can use to improve on his/her involvement in future shows and displays.  However, I think that you guys should not do it on a public forum such as Facebook.  I feel it would be more appropriate to do it on this forum.

While the UKAC page on FB directs postings to it's members, there are too many non-members who also see all the commentaries. Although the page is a closed group page, the members are quite diverse and I am sure many of the postings are seen by people who don't know what your objectives are. I know how hard you all work to do a good job at the shows and I would not want others who are not in close contact with your activities to get a bad impression as a result of your own constructive criticism.

Keep up the good work everyone.  I, and other vets, am/are proud of you!